BÉRMAN Bridal was opened by Yana Berman after 10 years of experience working with Israeli and international designers. With the accumulation of practical experience and  the help of her design sense, Yana began designing her own dresses. That's how Yana realized it was time to start working independently and that's how it all started.



Our uniqueness

We promise to create the perfect dress for you that will accompany you on your happy day.

In 2019, Yana launched her first wedding dress collection, which resonated in the Israeli design field. Since then, Yana has not stopped creating and sewing dreams for brides from all over the country. In 2020 we began expanding abroad and now have brides from all over the world. We are happy to announce that more and more people are hearing about us and appreciating our exclusivity.
Each season, Yana releases a new collection of wedding and evening dresses, taking the latest fashion trend in the global arena into account. We consider the fashion world innovations to produce the most contemporary designs, all the time.

From the highest quality fabrics to haute couture and bespoke tailoring, BERMAN Bridal wedding dresses are a dream come true. With Yana’s unique design methodology, she builds your dress so that you can be a part of each stage of creation, from sketching to the end result. We ensure your happy day will be perfect.




The path to a wedding dress

The process of creating a dress is individual and unique for each bride, from the measurement stage to the final product.
At the first stage, initial measurements are taken and if our help is needed, we and the designer can guide you through picking the perfect dress for you.
Together we will choose the most attractive and suitable cut for your figure.
Together we can also choose the most comfortable and suitable fabric for you.
During the development and preparation of the dress, you will receive a photo of the intermediate result.
After that, you will receive a photo of the final result, which guarantees that the dress will match your body and natural beauty.
Then we send the product to you and you can finally try it on.

Your Day

Unlike most wedding dress designers, Yana sewed her own wedding dress. On her wedding day, she realized - no bride should compromise on her dress! In in the first stage you will be able to discuss all your need with Yana - cut, precise measurements, and what you want to emphasize - so that she can combine them with uncompromising professionalism to sew your dream into reality. Yana's designs stand out with their delicate elegance which complement and emphasize your natural beauty.

Even after three full collections, Yana continues to create unique dresses to ensure that on your will wear the perfect dress on your wedding day. With personal tailoring and high finishing qualities, Yana makes sure to emphasize your natural feminine beauty.