BÉRMAN BridalIt is very easy to correctly determine your size. All you need a tailor's tape-measure and a couple of minutes of your time. It is better if someone takes the measurements for you. Just follow our instructions. If it is possible to take measurements in the studio, then this will be the best option. To make the dress fit you, you need to take the following measurements:

Bust Size (Measure across the back and along the fullest part of your chest)

Measure from the side, seam to seam, over the fullest part of your ches


To measure under the bust

Measure under the bust side seam to side seam

Waist (Measured from the smallest part of your waist)

Hip size (measured across the widest part of your thighs and buttocks)

Measure below the buttocks

Measure from mid-breast to mid-breast

Measure from armpit to waist

Measure from waist to floor without shoes

Measure from armpit to armpit in front

Measure from armpit to armpit in the back

Measure from shoulder to shoulder on the back

Measure mid-shoulder to waist passing through mid-breast

To measure height, measure from head to the floor, without wearing shoes.

What is the height of your shoes for the event?

To measure arm hole size, measure around shoulder, through the armpit

Cup size

Measure to front cut out from middle of the neck

Measure from the middle of the neck to the top of the back of the shirt

Measure from mid-shoulder to back waist

Long sleeves (if any)

Biceps size

Wrist size

Measure from waist to mid-groin

Measure around the neck

Measure from neck to shoulder